General terms of use and rules for a visit to the BioXcape escape room

  1. These General terms of use and rules apply to the visits in the real-time escape game BioXcape (called ‘the Game’ in short), organized by Klimatichna Staya, a partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act, IIC 180714595, address of registration Bulgaria, Sofia, 6 Triaditsa Str., represented by Rumyana Ivanova and Pavel Stoev, and managed by Dessislava Arabadzhova (called ‘the Game Organizer’ or ‘the Organizer’ in short).

    The Game takes place in a specially designated room with prescribed rules for the participants.

  2. Every participant in the Game must abide by these general terms of use and the rules to help assure the general safety for the duration of the Game.

  3. Participation in the Game is voluntary. BioXcape and the Organizer do not take any responsibility for damage caused to the participants in the case of the latter not abiding by the rules, as well as for incidents during the Game when they are the result of a misuse of objects that a participant has brought in against the rules of the Game, or of negligence on the participants’ side.

  4. The Game is designed to be played independently by people of 14 years of age or older. Participants of this age or older can be fully capable members of their team and they can participate in solving the problems without parental guidance. Younger children can also visit the escape room if they are accompanied by a parent or an adult.

  5. The maximum duration of one Game session is 70 minutes. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people can take part in one session. Participants do not have the right to demand an extension of the time of the Game. An extension can be negotiated with the Organizer only when the visits’ schedule allows for it.

  6. In the case that a participant is in no condition to keep playing due to health problems or for some other reason, they must discontinue their participation and leave the room, accompanied by others if necessary. In such a case the Game can be annulled, or the remaining participants can continue playing if they want to.

  7. In the case of an accident or a serious health issue with one or more of the participants, the representative of the Organizer monitoring the Game can make the decision to stop the Game before the appointed time runs out. In such a case the Organizer does not owe any reimbursement, partial or full, to the participants.

  8. Bookings for the Game can be made through our  booking system.  At the booking the client is required to pay a deposit or the entire amount with a bank card. In case you have only paid a deposit, you can pay the remainder upon your arrival on the spot, just before you start playing the Game.

  9. Reimbursement:

    • the deposit is not reimbursable;

    • in case a group of participants cannot play at the appointed time, the scheduled date and time of the Game can be canceled and moved to another date and time no later than 48 hours before the booked appointment by sending an email to:;

    • if you have paid the full entry fee for your Game upon booking but then have canceled it no later than 48 hours prior to your appointment, and you don’t wish to change the time and date of the Game, the Organizer will reimburse you with the amount, withholding the deposit. In case you’ve paid cash in our office, you have to visit us again and bring the receipt so we can reimburse you in cash, withholding the deposit. If you have paid via debit/credit card, then the amount minus the deposit will be reimbursed to your bank account within 14 days after the annulment;

    • in the case of a delay of more than 15 minutes after the appointed time for the visit, or if the client doesn’t show up at all for their appointment, the Organizer has the right not to reimburse the deposit, and not to schedule another date and time for a visit.

  10. Participants in the Game are expected to use the equipment and facilities in the room with appropriate care. The Organizer has the right to make compensation claims in the case of deliberate attempts by the participants to damage the equipment and facilities of the Game and its premises that are the property of the Organizer. The Organizer can put an end to a session at any time if a participant refuses to abide by the rules of the Game or follow the instructions of the employees that monitor the room and the game session. In this case the Organizer is not obliged to reimburse any fees paid by the participants.

  11. In the room where the Game takes place, it is strictly forbidden to:

    • make recordings of any kind, such as photographs, sound recordings, videos etc., via cameras, video cameras, mobile devices, laptops and other devices with built-in cameras and microphones. Should there be any use of such devices, the Organizer will put an end to the session in progress, without any obligation to reimburse the paid fees. The Organizer has the right to claim rights over images that are taken within the boundaries of the Organizer’s premises, as well as claim a prohibition on the publication of these images online, in the social media and on any other platforms for content sharing with a wide range of users; the Organizer can also demand a ban for their use as promotional material;

    • bring in objects that can cause damage to the participants or to the equipment on the premises, as well as bring in and consume alcohol, narcotics and any other psychotropic substances on the territory of the rooms of the Game;

    • smoking is forbidden on the entire territory of the Game.

  12. Participation is not allowed for people with cardiovascular diseases, claustrophobia, epilepsy, hypertonia, etc., for people that are inebriated or under the influence of narcotic substances and for people that are aggressive and could cause damage in the room, or incite others to do so. The Game is not recommended for pregnant women due to the presence of loud noises, narrow spaces and intense emotions. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for incidents with participants that have decided to participate regardless of their health issues or present state.

  13. Any information regarding the Game is a trade secret and it cannot be disclosed or used in any manner. In this respect any information of this kind should be treated as confidential.

  14. It is prohibited to copy, divulge, and display publicly the concept of the Game or any part of it or the creation of other games that could be considered derivative of the Game. The Organizer has the right to take legal action against any person that has breached their intellectual property rights.

  15. It is prohibited to any person and to any other company than the Organizer of the Game, to carry out activities that directly or indirectly include the Game for their own benefit or in another person/company/corporation’s benefit, thus competing with the activities of the Organizer of the game, within 2 years after becoming acquainted with these general terms of use and rules. In the case of a breach of the competition prohibition by the participant within the afore-mentioned period, the Organizer has the right to claim their due compensations.

  16. Participation in the Game without a written agreement declaration signed by each participant individually is not permitted.

  17. An agreement to book another room operated by another organizer through the assistance of a representative of Klimatichna Staya means that you have automatically agreed with the booking, the General Terms of the other organizer too, and that you declare that you will accept them on the website of the respective organizer or on the spot upon your arrival at the place of the event.

  18. The Organizer of the Game has the right to change the rules of the Game and its general terms at any time.