Personal data processing

Klimatichna Staya, a partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act (‘the Partnership’ in short), follows regulations and procedures that guarantee compliance to the acting national and European legislation with regards to data protection. The Partnership collects and processes personal data in a lawful manner, it stores data and does not provide it to third parties.

Personal data

Electronic addresses and phone numbers submitted by you in the process of registration of your team and the booking of an appointment for the Game, will be used only for providing additional information and communication with you to ensure your satisfying experience.

If you want to unsubscribe from our mailing list and our list of phone numbers you can do so at any time, as is stated in the electronic messages that you receive, or you can contact us directly. Klimatichna Staya Partnership does not provide email addresses and phone numbers from its database unlawfully to third parties, nor do we use them for marketing purposes. Upon unsubscribing the Partnership will delete your electronic address and your phone number for good.

Information security

We use a range of protection measures such as coding systems and authorization systems in order to ensure the security of your data. The data we have on you is accessible only for a limited number of employees of the Partnership that have all signed a declaration forbidding them to disclose it to third parties.

Your rights as subjects of personal data, how to exercise them and protection

A physical person has the following rights with regards to their personal data that is being processed by Klimatichna Staya Partnership:

As the subject of your data you can receive additional information about personal data processing by the Partnership; the existing statutory regulations dictate that such information is to be provided, and it can be accessed by submitting an online request at the email address of the partnership,

The rights in paragraphs 2–7 can be exercised by submitting an online request at the email address of the partnership. The rights of the subjects of the data are interpreted within the meaning of Chapter Three of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

In the case of a complaint regarding the exercise of the afore-mentioned rights the subject of the data has the right to request a reexamination of their case, and if it is rejected, they can submit a complaint to the supervising body, the Commission for Personal Data Protection.


If you have any questions regarding our confidentiality policies, you can contact us on our email address at:, by phone at: +359 897 326 800 or by post at 6 Triaditsa Str., fl. 5, office 504, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria.