BioXcape is the first educational escape room in Bulgaria that is based on true facts. It is the result of a partnership between the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and the National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in an effort to support our common goal, protecting the environment and bringing the topics of biodiversity and climate issues closer to the general public. We believe that arousing people’s interest in the environment via modern approaches such as games will form a positive, responsible attitude of mankind towards nature in the future.

BioXcape is a socially responsible business initiative and with each booking our clients support the conservation and restoration of important territories, habitats and species in Bulgaria, as well as the development of museums in the country.

BioXcape wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of  Mist Engineering, a company that specializes in escape rooms, and without the financial support of the  DEAR (Development Education Awareness Raising)  of the European Commission within the  "Game over? Do not let climate change end the game" Project.

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation is an organization that brings together people with a vision for the conservation of Bulgarian nature. Our mission is to preserve natural resources, to change the attitude towards protected areas and protected species, and to raise the awareness about the opportunities, benefits and responsibilities they bear.

The range of activities of the  National Museum of Natural History  at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences includes scientific and expert projects, a public exposition, popular scientific publications, PhD and expert training. The main priorities of the Museum are the study of biodiversity, the protection of the natural environment and the evolution of organisms.

The  “Game over? Do not let climate change end the game”  project aims to raise the awareness regarding problems associated with climate change and reveal possible solutions, via a gaming approach, focusing on three major topics: biodiversity conservation; adaptation and mitigation of climate change; and climate justice. The products developed within the project include geocaching, board games, museum exhibitions, theatrical plays and direct work with young activists and scientists. Thus the partners within the project can reach out to a great variety of people with diverse backgrounds, and encourage them to be more demanding and to stand up for the necessary changes, as human wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of ecosystems.

In order to visit the BioXcape escape room you don’t need any specialist knowledge or skills. Here you will feel the team spirit, the pressure of time, the complexity of the tasks and the role of science in solving issues that are important for humanity, whilst you have fun with modern-day puzzles and riddles. Are you ready to give it a try? Register here!